3D Printing Made Easy!

New Features

3D Printing is now easier than ever. Space and time is no longer a problem, you can print almost anything at your convenience anytime and anywhere using our mobile application.

Time Efficient

We have eliminated the countless wasted hours and errors through the advanced technologies we are using. Our 3D printers are durable as they are built using high quality and durable materials. In addition it is open-source.

Outstanding Services

As we are customer oriented, we are available to our clients needs’ 24/7. Our services are provided according to our individual clients needs’. We ensure to provide our clients with the best possible experience and meet every need possible.


We ensure quality & support. What would you like most in a 3D Printer?  We want to know your dream requirements for a 3D Printer.  Help us design a customized machine especially for you.

Best of class client support

As we are client focused, we would like to provide our clients with the best of class support.

Advanced & Innovative Technology

As technology advances, we aim to deliver top leading technologies on a mass global scale.

What makes our 3D printer unique?

Innovative features such as the ability to 3D print large products, its firmware is opensource.

Additional Features

Product improvements due to our clients that work in various industries as we are looking to enlarge our customer base; as we are customer oriented, we have the ability to take custom feature requests to meet our clients needs’.



Our service is astonishingly reliable and oriented towards individual client requirements.

Our ultimate goal is to promote our 3D printers in various institutions and firms to enable infinitive possibilities. We believe that our 3D printer could provide transformative approaches to different industries. Introducing our 3D printer to the world in order to impact our environment and today’s youth in several positive ways.  We are also looking forward to offer our product and services to innovative and creative individuals to achieve their dream projects. Therefore, we are very passionate and dedicated about what we have to offer.

Watch The Video To Explore

We ensure that the products we print are high quality and are free of defects. Below is an illustration of the process of how a product is being printed. The video also demonstrates how smooth and reliable is our 3D printer.

Check Out Our Services

We ensure a highly advanced 3D printer with extraordinary continuous support because of our motivated and outstanding team.


We offer a unique service to each client where we would meet with them in person to make sure to meet their requirements.


We offer a tour for our clients to provide a demonstration of how the product is going to be printed in order to receive their feedback and ensure a premium quality.

We come to you

In order to ensure that our client’s time is being used efficiently, we are willing to come to your door and learn about the type of experience you are looking for and also provide suggestions that could be helpful.


6th Floor, 1250 Rue Guy
Montréal, QC H3H 2L3